abolishing Whonix phabricator issue tracker, moving issue tracking to forums, migrating phabricator.whonix.org to forums.whonix.org

phabricator is yet another webapp to maintain. Every now and then an update breaks it such as recently an update broke something which worked for a long time: the outbound mailer. Other issues with phabricator: we require 3 user accounts. Forums, wiki, and issue tracker. The latter is certainly the most underused where the fewest people sign up. Also other issues.

Often we have a forum subject with the “real” discussion and then a phabricator ticket as reminder to actually implement what was being discussed, some duplication. The main feature used by phabricator: issue tracking, open/close status and tags. So I was wondering if discourse is capable to replace phabricator.

I just noticed we have “only” 100 open tickets.
Correction: I just noticed we have “only” 220 open tickets.


So even a manual migration is realistic. Wondering to just close the stale / unrealistic ones. The tracker could use a spring clean anyhow.

The good thing is the forum search allows to search for multiple tags which all have to be matched at the same time.


discourse does not yet support following which tags where changed

Added here just now:

backlog 1 [archive] / backlog 2 [archive]

Previously there were no guidelines / rules on how to use discourse forum tags. Anyone could create them / add them / change them. [10]

Discourse forums tags are now only changeable by Whonix ™ discourse moderators [archive].

Search query examples:

You can create a comment in a separate post such as:

  • Please open.

  • Please close.

  • Please re-open.

  • Please add tag testers-wanted .

  • Please remove tag component_security .

If appropriate, the tag will be changed by a forum moderator. Such comments might be deleted if inappropriate, duplicated or for brevity of the discussion (such as in case the status was only not updated due to as mistake).

If a forum thread is not tagged with whonix-15 (the current stable release of Whonix ™) at time of writing to whonix-16 (the next Whonix ™ release) then it is not on the roadmap. In result chances the issue will be resolved (feature implemented, research/task done, or bug fixed) is lower. Please abstain from debating priorities which issue is more/less important or when it should be implemented. (reasons)

Tags should not be appended to every discussion or question about the related subject.

The goal of forum tags is to maximize Whonix ™ forum’s usefulness as a roadmap and issue tracker for Whonix ™ project developers.


Heavily updated above post just now.

Migration in progress now. Will probably take a long time.

Unless there’s a technical volunteer contributor who’d be capable of summarizing phabricator tickets and copying these over to forums.

There was no such option indeed. Changed now. Please test.

This discourse forum software supports “trust levels”. “level 4” is as far as I can see only manually given. Just now populated:


Added you.

Configured the forum software to allow all members of trust level 4 group to edit forum tags.

Anyone interested in triage of tickets can request access to this group.
Eligible is everyone where it’s reasonably certain that it’s a serious contributor. Such as people with significant, long term contributions such as research, code, documentation, user support.

Reason it’s not open for all accounts is that discourse does not have any easy way to show when tags where changed (only through post edit history) nor does notify about tag changes.


phabricator now deprecated upstream.


phabricator has to be soon disabled. I recommend to archive any tickets anyone cares about. Otherwise these might be lost. Or even better, migrating those to this forum.

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