abolishing Whonix issue tracke, moving issue tracking to forums, migrating phabricator.whonix.org to forums.whonix.org


This is for now just a more or less wild idea. Phabricator is yet another webapp to maintain. Every now and then an update breaks it such as recently an update broke something which worked for a long time: the outbound mailer. Other issues with phabricator: we require 3 user accounts. Forums, wiki, and issue tracker. The latter is certainly the most underused where the fewest people sign up. Often we have a forum subject with the “real” discussion and then a phabricator ticket as reminder to actually implement what was being discussed, some duplication. The main feature used by phabricator: issue tracking, open/close status and tags. So I was wondering if discourse is capable to replace phabricator.

I just noticed we have “only” 100 open tickets.


So even a manual migration is realistic. Wondering to just close the stale / unrealistic ones. The tracker could use a spring clean anyhow.

Things not clear yet:

  • The forum doesn’t have a concept of open/closed tickets. A closed forum subject means something else than a closed ticket which can be re-opened if a bug isn’t really fixed but the ticket says it is. Perhaps just add/remove a forum tag closed / open?

The good thing is the forum search allows to search for multiple tags which all have to be matched at the same time. Such as I can require tag whonix_15 and open at the same time. This allows to build useful, actionable lists for development.

On search -> options https://forums.whonix.org/search?expanded=true there is a checkbox

All the above tags

That results in:


Disadvantages: moderators would have to stay adding the proper tags per subject. A default could be tags

  • whonix_15, bug, open or
  • whonix_15, feature-request, open.