A copy of whonix workstation and its simultaneous operation with the standard system

Hi. I can’t get two whonix workstations connected to the same gateway to work correctly at the same time. I copied the second workstation through the kvm interface and it works without problems until I connect the first one. At some point they have the same ip address, then while one system loads something, the second one doesn’t, and so on. With other operating systems connected to whonix network, no problem, I can connect 10 of them at a time…
I read in the multiple whonix workstation documentation, that I need to change the ip address settings for the copied system, by editing the file “30_non-qubes-whonix”, but it is not there, the folder is empty. Tried to search for this file in the entire file system, the search did not give any results. The folders in the “network” directory don’t seem to have anything I need either. There is also a file “interfaces”, but all its contents, where there is not a word about ip:

“# interfaces(5) file used by ifup(8) and ifdown(8)
.# Include files from /etc/network/interfaces.d:
source-directory /etc/network/interfaces.d”

Also tried to create a second network “whonix-internal” by importing the old settings into it and changing the mac address and other identifiers. I connected it to the whonix gateway by adding another network “whonix-internal2” in addition to the old “whonix-internal”. If I connect “whonix-internal2” to the workstation, there is no network connection. But through the old “whonix-internal”, there is a connection. But if you remove the standard “whonix-internal” or create a copy of the whonix gateway and add only “whonix-internal2” to it, the tor on the workstation starts working.
How do I make it so that I can connect whonix workstaton and its copy to the same gateway at the same time? What am I missing?

I tried running the first and second whonix gateway at the same time with one whonix workstation instance each. Naturally, one gateway was connected to whonix-internal and the other to whonix-internal2, same with the workstations. Unfortunately, the results are still the same. Even at the whonix gateway level there are conflicts, although they work individually without problems. Is it really necessary to create whonix-external2 in addition to creating whonix-internal2?

Try creating the file and directory if it doesn’t exist.

I remember documenting a newer setting the y added to make multiple virtual networks easier:

The recommended and safest way for multi VM use involves running a separate gateway for every workstation you will use:

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