128MB RAM Whonix 11 Gateway freezes during updates

It would just freeze up when there are updates that require big resource usage.

First time it happened right after I’ve installed Whonix 11 and ran the first post-install update, at the step of building the initrd for a newer kernel. Recently it happened again while upgrading virtualbox-guest-dkms at depmod stage.

Frequently Asked Questions - Whonix ™ FAQ still suggests 128MB RAM minimum, perhaps it should be changed to 192MB RAM? When I’ve increased RAM to that value for Whonix 11 Gateway, the upgrade succeeded.

Edit: typo


I have edited that FAQ entry, feel free to review and approve the change.

No wiki edit has happened.

Don’t know what went wrong. Did it one more time, appears in ChangeLog now.

Looks good. Thanks!